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Beauty Booth

Glamor starts here

Give guests the ultimate beauty experience and make your event instagram-worthy

Beauty Booth

The Beauty Booth is designed for the social media generation, giving them the chance to capture their very best selfie and share it directly with all their followers.
Photo booth technology gets a beauty boost with our beauty filter that automatically processes and enhances every selfie before its printed and shared online.
Sign, stamp, apply filters, add even add your own personal message to your picture-perfect selfie, GIF or Boomerang – before sharing it straight to social media.

Easy to use

Watch as users interact with AJR Events bespoke animations and are guided through the process by a dynamic voiceover.

This is interaction at its best as every glamorous guest vies to capture the most flawless selfie at the event.

Customize the Mirror Booth

When you look at the Beauty Booth, users will see a perfect combination of their reflection combined with beautiful custom graphic animations. It will feel like magic, but it is real.

Interactive and elegant

This is the ultimate in selfie fun, offering users a crystal-clear reflection, vibrant animations, touch-based games as well as professional quality photography to share and take home. The Beauty Filter feature also automatically processes and enhances participants’ selfies before they are printed or shared online.